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ILIA Beauty creates natural and organic beauty products with a passion for natural colouring and sustainable practices. They love our furry friends and never test on animals! All of their products are also gluten-free for those who are intolerant.

What makes them sustainable?

ILIA Beauty's awareness of the impact they have on the environment is what makes them sustainable. They encourage their customers to recycle their empty bottles through their recycling program, and use only the most natural and sustainable ingredients when creating their quality products.

Are they ethical?

Yes! ILIA values ethical treatment of both people and animals alike. They are certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

There is no evidence of carbon off-setting or carbon-neutral shipping.

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

They use recycled aluminum, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper for their makeup products. They also use "TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box" platform as their recycling program to ensure their products do not end up in a landfill. Customers can mail ILIA their empty makeup bottles (theirs or another brands) to break it down and recycle the empties!

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Located in:
Laguna Beach, USA.
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Natural and organic cosmetics, skincare, and oils.


Cruelty-free, organic ingredients, recycling program, sustainable packaging, ethical manufacturing.


USDA Organic Certified ingredients, Certified Gluten and Dairy Free & Leaping Bunny Certified.

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