Reforest the world when you shop online

Meet OurForest 👋, a free browser plugin that automatically plants trees when you shop at your favorite brands.

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  • 74 trees planted and counting 🌲

Make your orders eco-positive anytime you shop at 750+ participating brands:

How it works

Feel great about shopping

You’re contributing to creating a better future for yourself and the world.

Plant trees automatically

With each purchase, a seedling is planted using a fee the brand pays us.

100% secure and private

We want to save the planet, not sell your data.

Every time you shop, you’re making a real difference


trees planted and counting...

Proudly working with the most prolific tree planting organisation in the world:

Here’s what our community has to say:

16 Oct 2020

Lucas Mondora
Typically, saving the planet requires a lot of big lifestyle changes (switching energy providers, checking if the product is sustainable and cruelty-free, and recycling).

OurForest basically makes saving the planet as effortless as possible.

9 Nov 2020

Matt Greenspan
This is the best idea ever! Who knew saving the planet could be this easy. It literally takes 1min to save the world, what are you waiting for?

16 Oct 2020

Jennifer Contreras
It feels good to know that I am saving the planet while purchasing online, it's like I'm planting trees for free while doing nothing.

6 Nov 2020

Jacob S
Amazing app, why not help save the planet as we shop online!

9 Nov 2020

Meagan Walsh
I love this app! I've been doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online and it feels good to know that a tree is being planted every time I make a purchase!

I love that I can save the environment while shopping online, super cool.

27 Nov 2020

Im so happy I can plant tress while buying stuff! thanks! (such great app)

Together, our actions will change the world

It’s now easier than ever to join the fight for our forests. We’re stronger as a team. Let’s go!

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