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A free Chrome extension that plants trees while you browse the internet — for free. Offset carbon, fight climate change, give people jobs, and revive destroyed lands.

OurForest is the ethical browser for IOS & Android that plants trees while you browse the internet — for free. Up to 6X faster than your default mobile browser with top-level security.

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“I felt powerless about the future of our world. With OurForest, now I feel like we can all make an impact

Amir Tabrizi

5 Star Review

Joined Nov. 2020

Women holding 2 tree saplings smiling

Watch your forest grow and thrive.

Plant trees by browsing to reforest destroyed lands. No monocultures here. Every tree planted supports strong and biodiverse ecosystems.

Man holding 2 tree saplings

Reduce your carbon footprint.

From CO2-heavy shipping, to plastic packaging and materials, what we buy has a climate footprint — let’s neutralize it by building a greener future.

Hondura Man holding 2 tree saplings smiling

Make a positive impact on our world.

Give back more to the planet than you take. A single tree absorbs around 1500lbs of C02 by it’s 40th birthday, and becomes a home to over 25,000 animals over it’s lifetime.

Deforestation is hurting our planet. Let’s change that.

With the help of our community, we’re fighting climate change by rebuilding forests across the world.


Trees planted with the help of our community and tree planting partners.


Tons of carbon that will be offset over the next 40 years.

*On average, adult trees absorb 48lbs of CO2 and pollutants from the air a year. We classify adult trees as 10 years or older.


Workdays created in developing communities.

Instead of feeling worried, help us fight climate change.

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1. Install OurForest on Chrome.

Add OurForest on your Chrome Browser. It’s easy, takes a few seconds, and is 100% free.

2. Browse the internet

You’ll be notified if the site you’re on plants a tree. When you browse online, some websites give us a fee which is donated to reforestation projects.

3. Grow your forest.

As you browse, you’ll see how many trees you’ve planted grow. This way, you’re helping our planet just by surfing the web.

Woman carrying tree saplings in a bucket on her head in a jungle

Regrowing forests. It literally changes the world.

Regrowing forests is more than just ‘offsetting carbon’.

By planting trees, you’re making previously devastated land fertile again, so it’s able to support the lives of humans and animals alike.

Working with our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, we start by hiring local people in villages to plant a variety of native trees, ensuring that a diverse ecosystem is built, and that the trees are protected.

You’ll be creating jobs for the people who need it most.

When forests are damaged or destroyed, the surrounding villages are the first to feel the negative effects, often resulting in extreme poverty, lack of resources, and the environment degrading further.

Our tree-planting partners hire people in these affected areas to plant trees — giving them a consistent income so they can provide for their families while their natural environments recover.

A crowd of local villagers posing in front of camera smiling.

Make a difference where it matters

The forests you grow will benefit people, their environment and their local economies — across the world. See our impact here.

A map of the world where we plant trees.
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All the amazing things reforestation does:

Provides homes and shelter for 1000’s of animal species.

Increases biodiversity and strengthens ecosystems.

Creates jobs to provide income for families in regions of poverty.

Revives destroyed and infertile lands.

Cleans our airways of carbon and toxic pollutants.

Improves water quality and rain cycles.

What is our tree planting community saying?

16 Oct 2020

Lucas Mondora
Typically, saving the planet requires a lot of big lifestyle changes (switching energy providers, checking if the product is sustainable and cruelty-free, and recycling).

OurForest basically makes saving the planet as effortless as possible.

9 Nov 2020

Matt Greenspan
This is the best idea ever! Who knew saving the planet could be this easy. It literally takes 1min to save the world, what are you waiting for?

16 Oct 2020

Jennifer Contreras
It feels good to know that I am saving the planet while browsing online, it's like I'm planting trees for free while doing nothing.

6 Nov 2020

Jacob S
Amazing app, why not help save the planet as we shop online!

9 Nov 2020

Meagan Walsh
I love this app! I've been doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online and it feels good to know that a tree is being planted while I do it!

I love that I can save the environment using my computer, super cool.

27 Nov 2020

Im so happy I can plant tress while using the internet stuff! thanks! (such great app)

We created OurForest so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis.

Every tree planted helps the environment, fights climate change, and literally changes the lives of people in devastated lands.

Add to Chrome – it’s free
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