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Clean-Faced Cosmetics Founder, Laura, believes in creating great quality makeup that will not harm the environment or your skin. Each product is hand made with minimal waste, while always keeping animals wellbeing and the planet in mind.

What makes them sustainable?

CleanFaced Cosmetics is dedicated to sustainability by using sustainable packaging, plant-based ingredients, and never harming animals.

Are they ethical?

Yes! They are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Laura makes the cosmetics herself by hand.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

There is no evidence of carbon off-setting or carbon-neutral shipping.

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

CleanFaced Cosmetics use mostly aluminum, glass, and bamboo for their products. Everything is shipped in recyclable materials.

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Michigan, USA.
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Cruelty-free and nearly zero waste makeup.


Cruelty-free, vegan, minimal waste, plastic free, sustainable ingredients, palm-oil free.


None (super tiny company run by one person!)

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