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At The Green Jar, we believe eco-living can be simple and every small step matters. Whether you’re a beginner looking for help going green or an eco warrior who wants a one-stop-shop for sustainable products, we’ve got you covered. Reducing single-use plastics is a top priority for us at The Green Jar. You’ll find a range of products at our store to help you reduce waste every day, from silicone food pouches to stainless steel straws and bamboo utensils. Our refillery is stocked with a curated range of personal care and household products to make package-free purchasing easy. Simply bring in your own jar and fill it up with as much—or as little—as you'd like. We give back to the Earth by planting trees with every order through our partnership with Our Forest This helps absorb carbon from the atmosphere, create habitats for wildlife and create reforestation jobs for people in need.



An area of degraded mangrove forest measuring 506 hectares along the coast of Biak Island in northeastern Indonesia. Biak Island is a small island situated north of mainland Papua (New Guinea).

The interior of the island is covered by lush tropical rainforest, while mangrove forests line the coasts. The forests of Biak provide habitat for endemic mammal and bird species and have significant benefits for local communities and livelihoods.

Local people rely on healthy mangroves to support fisheries, provide timber, and protect against the impact of tropical storms and coastal erosion. Coastal mangroves act as a barrier between waves and land, mitigating the disastrous effects of large waves.

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This agroforestry nursery is located in the Belanger community in northern Haiti. Located where the Noir and Massif du Nord Mountain ranges meet the Artibonite Plains of Gonaïves, this region has a dry, neotropical climate with sparse tree cover and rugged topography.

Many forests were initially cleared for logging, grazing, and agriculture during the colonial period, with the intensification of unsustainable charcoal production practices accelerating deforestation in recent years.

The resulting land degradation has had cascading effects on the environment, agricultural productivity, and local livelihoods. Declining soil fertility and topsoil erosion lower farm productivity and can lead to complete farm failure.

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At Our Forest, our mission is to positively impact our Earth’s climate, wildlife, and biodiversity through global reforestation. We strive to make reforestation an intrinsic part of every business. Together we can grow forests and create a better future for everyone.