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Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider within the energy, process, infrastructure, mining and technology industries. With 800 employees in over 60 offices worldwide, 7,000 contractors and a candidate database of 1.5m specialists, our geographical reach and pool of available talent, experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry. Our vision is about transforming lives through the world of work. We recognize that our lives are so much more than our corporate selves. We firmly believe that in order to be a good business, we must also be good corporate citizens. This means positively impacting the environments and societies in which we operate in meaningful ways.



This site is located within the greater Milihoi channel in Lamu county. It is near Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with an incredibly rich history. It has mangrove estuaries which are vital to the area’s ecologically diverse bird and marine life.

This area faces a number of challenges, including insufficient social services, very little freshwater, underdeveloped infrastructure, and food shortages. Reforestation work in this region restores mangrove estuaries and helps the local economy reduce food and water insecurity.

This project is part of larger work with regional and national government institutions and the surrounding agricultural and pastoral communities to restore critical forests across Kenya.

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Since 2001, Mozambique has lost more than 3.5 million hectares of forest. That’s an area more than a third the size of Portugal.

With charcoal production and the need to create fires to survive, over 70% of Mozambique's population rely on its forests to survive — it’s the lifeblood for its citizens' social and economic wellbeing. Unfortunately, this has allowed the illegal practice to thrive until only a few years ago when the government took action to stop it.

Restoring these decimated Mangrove and coastal forests of Mozambique is absolutely vital to the future of the country. It will create new habitats for endangered animal species – like the Yellow-nosed Albatross – subdue erosion, improve the soil and water quality to increase farming yields to create economic benefits the county needs.

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At Our Forest, our mission is to positively impact our Earth’s climate, wildlife, and biodiversity through global reforestation. We strive to make reforestation an intrinsic part of every business. Together we can grow forests and create a better future for everyone.