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Our Vision: Innovate eco-friendly solutions to improve the lifestyle of our customers while protecting the environment, by building a brighter future for the other generation to come.

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Guatemala is a country rich in culture and biodiversity. Unfortunately, farming in small Maya communities often involves using slash-and-burn techniques. This causes a destructive cycle of mudslides, massive soil erosion, and results in poor crops and malnutrition.

Through our work with our partner AIR, indigenous Maya communities are provided with a comprehensive reforestation and regenerative farming program. This gives them the education and resources to restore degraded land and improve food production.

This community-based reforestation model results in reduced mudslides, improved water quality, increased biodiversity, improved access to food and nutrition, and critical education so these communities can sustainably farm their land.

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Nestled in the diverse landscapes of Tanzania, our project champions ethical and community-led ecological restoration. With a strong emphasis on women's participation and indigenous knowledge, we focus on restoring ecosystems vital for combating climate change and protecting endangered species habitats.

Our approach prioritizes the long-term health and survival of trees, going beyond mere numbers. We integrate traditional practices with modern conservation techniques, aiming to create a sustainable balance between human and ecological needs.

Collaborating closely with local communities, this initiative addresses critical challenges such as water scarcity, food security, and infrastructural development. Through this project, we strive to foster a resilient and sustainable future for Tanzania's natural heritage and its people.

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At Our Forest, our mission is to positively impact our Earth’s climate, wildlife, and biodiversity through global reforestation. We strive to make reforestation an intrinsic part of every business. Together we can grow forests and create a better future for everyone.