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This site is located within the greater Milihoi channel in Lamu county. It is near Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with an incredibly rich history. It has mangrove estuaries which are vital to the area’s ecologically diverse bird and marine life.

This area faces a number of challenges, including insufficient social services, very little freshwater, underdeveloped infrastructure, and food shortages. Reforestation work in this region restores mangrove estuaries and helps the local economy reduce food and water insecurity.

This project is part of larger work with regional and national government institutions and the surrounding agricultural and pastoral communities to restore critical forests across Kenya.

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This restoration area is located on a lowland mangrove forest along the Akalamboro Estuary surrounding the Akalamboro community in northwest Madagascar. The northern edge of this estuary is part of the Baie de Baly National Park.

Before starting the project, the mangrove forests found in this area were severely impacted by deforestation and forest degradation from charcoal production and wood collection for cooking, construction, and other purposes.

The mangrove forest is unique in that it is a deep-water canal that meets up with an extensive, freshwater river system. This makes it a vital nursery for numerous fish species, abundant Nile crocodile, and multiple bird species, including the endangered Madagascar sacred ibis.

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