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Element Apothec was established with one goal in mind: to create a line of natural and organic, CBD-infused skincare and wellness products which combine the healing powers of nature with the ingenuity of innovation. From that one idea emerged a commitment to formulate products that are healthy for your body, inside and out; advocate for higher standards; and empower consumers via transparency and education, all while holding ourselves accountable to unparalleled standards of safety and quality. Because we all deserve better. We believe in the importance of taking care of the environment. That's why we plant a tree and restore nature with every order.



This restoration area is located on a lowland mangrove forest along the Akalamboro Estuary surrounding the Akalamboro community in northwest Madagascar. The northern edge of this estuary is part of the Baie de Baly National Park.

Before starting the project, the mangrove forests found in this area were severely impacted by deforestation and forest degradation from charcoal production and wood collection for cooking, construction, and other purposes.

The mangrove forest is unique in that it is a deep-water canal that meets up with an extensive, freshwater river system. This makes it a vital nursery for numerous fish species, abundant Nile crocodile, and multiple bird species, including the endangered Madagascar sacred ibis.

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Honduras is a biodiverse nation with Central American montane forests, Central American pine-oak forests, northern mangroves, and Central American dry forests. The country is home to hundreds of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine species of animals and plants, some found nowhere else on Earth.

Honduras has twenty national parks, two biosphere reserves, and dozens of smaller reserves protecting the region’s most forested areas and thousands of rare species.

Uncontrolled logging, primarily for the international market and clearing land for agriculture, threatens forests throughout the country. Honduras is one of the top worldwide producers of palm oil, which has led to rapid deforestation even in so-called “protected” areas.

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At Our Forest, our mission is to positively impact our Earth’s climate, wildlife, and biodiversity through global reforestation. We strive to make reforestation an intrinsic part of every business. Together we can grow forests and create a better future for everyone.