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The Lape planting site comprises 280 hectares of degraded tropical and subtropical forest in the Nawalpur District of Nepal.

Nawalpur District’s landscape is diverse, ranging from the lowland Terai plains to peaks over 1,500 meters in the Churia Hills. The Churia Hills are a transition zone from the lowland Terai plains to the Himalayas.

The nearby villages of Bhadaure, Ruchang, and Naram are home to approximately 400 people, most of whom belong to the indigenous Magar, Gurung, and Chhetri ethnic groups and whose traditional livelihood is livestock farming. The Churia Hills are a working landscape composed of tropical and subtropical forests interspersed with traditional terraced agriculture. The primary drivers of deforestation in this area are landslides on hillslopes, illegal logging for external markets, and over- dependency on fuelwood

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Since 2001, Mozambique has lost more than 3.5 million hectares of forest. That’s an area more than a third the size of Portugal.

With charcoal production and the need to create fires to survive, over 70% of Mozambique's population rely on its forests to survive — it’s the lifeblood for its citizens' social and economic wellbeing. Unfortunately, this has allowed the illegal practice to thrive until only a few years ago when the government took action to stop it.

Restoring these decimated Mangrove and coastal forests of Mozambique is absolutely vital to the future of the country. It will create new habitats for endangered animal species – like the Yellow-nosed Albatross – subdue erosion, improve the soil and water quality to increase farming yields to create economic benefits the county needs.

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