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Monsoon creates clothing for women, children, and even hand embroiders bridal wear, all while supporting disadvantaged women and children throughout Asia.

What makes them sustainable?

They believe in three key pillars which support product, people and the planet; being sustainable by using responsibly sourced fibres and sustainable fabrics; being committed to supporting communities and having a positive impact on future generations; being conscious by reducing their environmental footprint. They have been trying to create a more sustainable brand since 2020.

Are they ethical?

Mostly. There is some evidence that they provide fair and living wages to their final stage of production, although there is not much known about the first and second stages. They give back to disadvantaged women and children across Asia which is nice, but they must be more transparent about the treatment of their employees. They use animal products such as wool and leather, and there is little known about where it is sourced.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

There is no evidence of carbon off-setting or carbon-neutral shipping.

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

Wherever possible, they use only FSC paper and biodegradable plastic. They are working to make their packaging more sustainable.

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London, United Kingdom.
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Women's and children's apparel. Wedding and bridesmaid dresses.


Gives back to the community, handwoven, and natural materials



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