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Frank & Oak offers everyday wear that is both functional and practical. They value sustainability and transparency above all else.

What makes them sustainable?

Use of multiple recycled materials in packaging as well as their clothing and clothing tags. Their "let's give a shi(r)t" campaign encourages customers to recycle their previously loved clothing and to give it a new home.

Are they ethical?

Mostly. They do pay their workers at the final stage of production a fair living wage, however, there is not much known about those involved in the early stage. They do use animal products but are very transparent about the source of these materials.

Is their shipping carbon neutral or sustainable?

Frank & Oak is working to implement more carbon offsetting programs but they are not carbon-neutral.

Is their packaging sustainable or recyclable?

Mostly sustainable. All of their shipping packagings are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and their shipping bags are made from 50% recycled materials. In-store, they offer a reusable canvas tote to every customer.

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Montreal, Canada.
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Men's and women's everyday staples for work, dressing-up, and everything in between.


Certified B-Corporation, recycled and organic materials, zero-waste.


Certified B-Corporation

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