Creating a Wind Energy System in Rajasthan, India


The Rajasthan wind power project uses renewable energy to generate clean electricity in India, propelled by Orange DND Wind Power Private Limited. This project plays a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions by generating 45 GWh of clean electricity each year, which powers 10,500 households!

The project has created a snowball effect of sustainable development within the community, which shows that if you start one good project, the fantastic efforts spill over into the rest of life. 

Why is this project important? 

Not only does this project significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the area, but it also dedicates time towards improving the quality of life for the people living within the project vicinity. The wind power project engages local communities through frequent consultations and consistently invests in the following areas to give back to the community: 

  1. Supports the Clean India initiative run by the Government of India by investing in sanitary infrastructure in schools and community centres. 
  2. Employment generation 
  3. Women empowerment 
  4. Environment Conservation 
  5. Enhances quality of education in the area

Benefits of Wind Power in India

This project strives to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility by conducting an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to assess the impact of the wind power project.  Here are a few benefits that the assessment discovered: 

Educational Benefit 

Within a Senior High School in Rampuriya village, two separate toilet blocks were installed for boys and girls, benefiting 450 students. Plus, a significant amount of essential school supplies are made available to over 150 children, including the distribution of bicycles to 30 school girls to improve their mobility and ensure their safe arrival.   

Access to Clean Water 

A well was installed at Senior Secondary School Ambirama, which now provides a safe water source for drinking and domestic purposes such as cooking, washing, and sanitation for over 850 students and locals. In addition, a 500-meter water pipeline runs through a Government-run hostel to promote tribal girl's education in the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan.  

Planting of a Tree Plantation 

Regular visits from schools, sub-stations and public places are conducted regularly to create awareness and bring attention to conservation efforts.  

Enhanced Health Care 

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this project is the access to quality health care that did not exist before. The project supports 100 children every year who are suffering from cancer under the "Adopt a Child (AAC)" of the "CanKids Kidscan" initiative, whose mission is to give a fair chance of survival to all children. A pre-cancer test and counselling camp was also established with the District Hospital and Cancer society to benefit 350 people.

A medical centre in Rampuriya village actively helps 450 people by: 

  • Providing preventive and curative treatment for common diseases
  • Spreads awareness about HIV/AIDS, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and other medical threats
  • Spreads awareness about personal hygiene in preventing serious diseases such as eye, dental, and skin disease, especially prevalent in the area due to dust and lack of water. 
  • Encouraging the use of available nutritious foods and discourages drug/substance abuse within the community. 
  • Regular blood tests to check blood count, haemoglobin, and sugar levels. 

Local Employment Opportunities 

The wind power project has created permanent jobs for 88 people, and 55 of those people are local to the area. 

The project is recognized for its efforts in sustainability on all counts, including environmental, societal, and economic means. The project won an award in 2017 for its remarkable sustainable developments, namely the "Sustainable Community Leadership Award" and "Sustainable Carbon Management Practice Award." 

The Orange Renewable CSR outreach covers more than 50 villages and impacts close to 30,000 lives of 6,000 families in 7 states of India. The Orange group successfully constructed close to 220 km of roads around the project locations, with more than 550 km transmission lines built to bring electricity to the main grids. With all of this development, the group has created employment for over 3,000 people in remote areas of India. 

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