Saving Rainforests With Renewable Energy In Brazil


This particular project is close to our hearts, as it fights one of the leading causes of rapid deforestation in Brazil, illegal logging. Unfortunately, this area is prone to drought and severe weather conditions, and without trees, the ecosystem is severely threatened and left vulnerable.

This project alleviates deforestation, avoids greenhouse gas emissions and promotes a more sustainable supply chain: it does this whilst also improving the livelihoods of local communities and employees. 

Why is this project important? 

The Buenos Aires project is located in a Brazilian biome called Caatinga, which covers 11% of the whole country's territory, 884,453km² to be exact. Although the region is rich in resources, it is one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. 

In a region where the shortage of rivers leads to less access to electric energy, native firewood and charcoal make up 30% of the total energy used in the region's industries, which has intensified local deforestation.

This project has switched the fuel used by a ceramic factory from illegal firewood to agricultural and industrial residues.This biomass would have otherwise been discarded as waste, so the fuel switch transforms residues into something useful and enables many local individuals to make a living - or complement their income – by supplying biomass waste directly to the factories.

In addition to this, indoor air pollution has significantly minimized the switch, which has improved working conditions for employees. More than 110 families directly benefit from the project, so much so that educational and sports programs now exist in Pernambuco with the excess funds from donations. 

Benefits of this project 

There are several benefits of this project aside from the introduction of renewable energy. 

  • Employment and sustainable income for local peoples
  • Improved working conditions for 91 employees
  • Promotes a sustainable supply chain 
  • Alleviates deforestation (1,970 ha of forest saved in the course of 10 years, the equivalent to 1900 soccer pitches)
  • Avoidance of GHG emissions (132,953 tons of CO2 avoided in 10 years)
  • Reduction in harmful air pollution

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