Impacting Peoples Lives With Wind Energy In Andhra, India


Supported by Orange Renewable, this 100 MW wind power plant is in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The project has 50 turbines that generate 2.0 MW each of clean electricity. This project aims to create over 215 GWh of clean energy while positively impacting people's lives in local communities. 

Why is this project important?

This project is important because it tackles more than environmental sustainability. Social responsibility is at the core of Orange Renewable's approach to the wind turbine project. Sustainable Maharashtra recognizes O.R., as well as INDRIA, World CSR Day and World Federation of CSR professionals agencies in the "India Sustainability Leadership Summit and Awards" with "Sustainable Carbon Management Practice Award" and "Sustainable Community Leadership Award." 

Orange Renewable invests in various areas surrounding the wind turbine project such as: 

  • Quality and support of education systems 
  • Supports community healthcare 
  • Investment in clean drinking water infrastructure 
  • Women empowerment initiatives through awareness exercises 
  • Sustainable Employment for locals 
  • Environmental conservation.

Benefits of this project 

This project aims to enhance all areas of life for the people involved in the project and the locals who live within the vicinity of the project. As a result, there are numerous benefits aside from the incredible impact the project has on the environment and surrounding ecosystems. 

Enhanced Community Health Care

The lack of proper medical care within the area led to various health issues that were often left untreated. Community Health Camps in Nimbagallu and Amidyala have seen a tremendous effect, helping nearly 1,326 locals. Medicine, regular checkups, and supplements are all provided by the Health Camps, and there are even dedicated female doctors and nurses for women and children. In addition to these fantastic accomplishments, Orange Renewable supports 100 children affected by cancer every year. 

Quality Education & Support 

Within the projects’ region, there is often a significant amount of rainfall, and as a result, schools experience flooding. Usually, the children would learn on the floor, but they cannot sit and study with the water. Orange Renewable identified this problem, and they sent over 500 desks to the affected schools. Another problem was that the schools did not have working toilets, so many young girls would not attend school regularly. Orange Renewable installed five toilets, two urinals, and two washbins within the affected schools and community centres. 

Instalment of Clean & Safe Drinking Water 

The project region is no stranger to hot, arid, and dry weather. They have one of the poorest underground water tables, and during summers, getting clean drinking water is necessary as tap water is not reliable nor safe for drinking. Orange Renewable has installed a water plant and cooler system at the community centre in Nimbagallu, which benefits over 500 people!

Women Empowerment Through Awareness 

There is still a lot of work to be done within the region regarding women's health and awareness. However, Orange Renewable has made great strides in making it a safer, cleanlier, and knowledgeable space. 

Health awareness programs have been constructed for adolescents and women in the local villages to teach safe and healthy practices for menstrual hygiene. With this, the camps in Amidyala and Nimbagallu provide over 300 women with months of sanitary napkin supplies for their menstruation. 

Orange Renewable believes that there is power in proper education, so they frequently organize meet and greets for women to talk about their issues and learn from their peers. Over 250 women participate in these meet and greet events. 

Sustainable Employment for Locals 

The wind power project has led to significant employment opportunities for people within the region. During the construction stage, the project hired over 100 employees, of which 50 live in the area. Currently, the project has employed 30 residents of the area. 

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