Building Wind Power Plants On The Air-Polluted Coast of Turkey


Based in Izmir, Turkey, the Aliaga wind power project is a 19.2 MW wind power plant. It is centrally located in a district occupied by refineries, ship dismantling sites, and other industries that negatively impact the air quality in the area.

In stark contrast, this project consists of eight wind turbine generators of 2.4 MW each, generating approximately 58 GWh of clean energy per year. The project helps reduce CO2 emissions and supports the nation's transition to a low carbon economy. 

Why is this project important?

This Aliaga project is especially important because it signifies a move forward regarding Turkey's energy sector.

A nation that was once famous for air pollution and industries that harm air quality is now moving toward a clean energy sector with wind-powered electricity. The project protects the land against urbanization, employs locals of the area, and reduces CO2 emissions by 31, 847 tCO2eq annually! 

Benefits of the Aliga Wind Power Project 

There are numerous benefits of the Aliaga project, some include: 

  • The wind turbines generate 58 GWh of clean energy
  • Reduces emissions by 31,847 tCO2eq each year 
  • Protects one of the last pastures in Turkey from urbanization and industrial development 
  • Locally hired employees 
  • Enhanced security in the area, making it a safer environment for shepherds and their cattle
  • 6km of roads established 
  • Food aid during Ramadan is given to employees, shepherds and locals in the area.
  • Financial aid has been given to local organizations such as Aliaga Farmers' Association.

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