How can you offset my personal carbon footprint?

The average carbon footprint for the average resident of North America is about 20 metric tons of CO2, roughly 5 times higher than the global average. And the average Australian has a carbon footprint of 26 metric tons.

Even as we all take strides towards a more sustainable lifestyle by lowering our household waste, choosing to use environmentally-friendly transportation options and so on, our modern lifestyles inherently comes with a heavy toll.

In fact, government spending (public hospitals, municipal maintenance, education, social programs, new infrastructure etc.) is responsible for roughly half of the average person's carbon footprint in most english speaking countries. 

So even if we live a zero emission, zero waste lifestyle, there’s still ~10-13 tons of CO2 that we’re (at least partially) responsible for, simply for being a resident of our country. If you don’t count that to your own personal footprint, it’s still likely that your footprint is significantly greater than the vast majority of people on this planet.

We like to keep it simple at OurForest, so we look at national averages, and then take verifiable action to offset it through our climate solution partners such as, Eden Reforestation Projects and more — all certified organizations that are doing absolutely wonderful things for our planet and the people living on it.

Can this stop climate change?

Climate change is a complex issue with no singular solution. At OurForest, we acknowledge this so we make sure our membership tackles the all highest priority issues:

- Restoring biodiversity and forests
- Helping large and small scale sustainable developments get on their feet
- Transitioning the world to renewable energy
- Pushing for real corporate and governmental change and discouraging greenwashing
- Conservation and protection of critical ecosystems.

OurForest partners with tree planting projects such as Eden Reforestation Projects that also promote sustainable agriculture practices and create income-generating employment in local communities. By planting trees on your behalf and sharing knowledge and information about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, OurForest is a catalyst for action.  

We only fund climate projects which meet strict verification standards, such as Gold Standard.

These projects tend to lean towards the sustainable and renewable energy solutions, however we ensure that we still support other projects that have a deeper impact on the communities such as building cleaner cooking stoves and giving people safe access to water.

In addition, we aim to fund conservation projects such as which do an incredible job at saving the worlds forests.

Can just planting trees alone offset my carbon footprint?

Planting trees has a variety of benefits, but is not specifically able to offset your carbon footprint on its own. A tree won't be classified as a carbon offset until it is roughly 10 years old.

However, planting new trees is vital to reversing deforestation, regenerating degraded ecosystems and combatting long-term climate change.

OurForest is also focused on creating additional ways to help you take climate action.

We are always building partnerships with reputable global organizations that are making efforts to reduce carbon emissions in a variety of creative new ways; such as building sustainable and clean energy grids, and helping entire communities adopt low emission technologies.

How do you stop the trees from being cut down?

Our partner, Eden Reforestation has an incredible track record of meeting their reported numbers of trees and keeping them safe from destruction and logging.

Eden works carefully with all levels of government to secure written agreements designating the restoration sites as protected in perpetuity. 

They hire local villagers to plant the trees. In this way, it alleviates extreme poverty within the impacted community. The villagers now have an economic incentive to ensure the wellbeing of the restoration project. They also have a sense of “ownership” over the trees and restored forest and they protect it with great care.

Whats your criteria for selecting carbon offsets?

We look at various factors when choosing who we work with:

Verifiable: There is evidence that the projects will actually remove emissions from the area in the short and long term future. Independent third-parties routinely verify the project is reducing the stated amount of reductions.

Established: Each project must be either permanently established or have the ability to be realized through community funding such as OurForest.

Impactful: Each project must be creating a positive impact on the world that would not have happened without the project.

Measurable: A project must be able to measure the impact they're creating, from the volume of carbon being sequested, workdays created, land protected and so on.

Are there any lock in contracts?

No! There are no contracts. You simply pay a small fee (equivalent to 1-2 starbuck coffees a month) and you're entire carbon footprint will be offset. You can cancel anytime you want by emailing us

How do I cancel my membership?

Your membership can be cancelled at any time. Simply reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help.

(We're still working on adding the cancel membership button in our dashboard, in the meantime just send us an email — we promise we're not trying to make it harder than it should be 🙌)

Any additional questions?

Just send us an email at and we'll get right back to you!